Interview with SFI Managing Director Ronald Visschers

SFI Director Ronald Visschers was at the annual event of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology to lead one of the workshops. The subject discussed: the downsizing of factories.

After a short introduction by Ronald, pointing out the advantages of downsizing factories, the 50 attendants discussed the technological challenges and criteria for high protein crops, on-site processing fruit and vegetables, sugar beets and potatoes, and cereal processing. Downscaling was discussed by some as counter-productive: “Upscaling is cheaper, and customers only want low prices.” However, the groups went along with downscaling, identifying challenges, not only for technology innovations but also for food safety regulations or commercial branding for start-ups. Besides the technological challenges and opportunities, people also kept in sight that more drastic decisions may be required for mitigating climate change: “Why grow crops which we feed to animals and then eat the animals? Skip the animals and go to high protein crops!”

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