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korte beschrijving van de partner  The Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI) is widely supported by companies, knowledge institutions and governments who work together with only one goal: for food production to be climate neutral in the long run. Sufficient, safe, healthy, sustainable and climate resilient food for all.

Every minute the equivalent of one rubbish truck of plastic leaks into streams and rivers, ultimately ending up in the ocean. And the problem is set to get worse.

The recycling of plastic packaging is a huge challenge: we use about 250 different types of plastic. The ambition is high: the European Union wants all plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030. It is clear that urgent action is needed on multiple fronts.

The Circular Plastic field, initiated by the Sustainable Food initiative, is focused on studying, testing and developing best practices in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling. The goal: make The Netherlands the first country with a full circularity of packaging materials. Large and small companies come together in this field lab to take on concrete challenges with regard to plastic packaging. Think of new strategies for reuse, alternative packaging concepts that are more sortable and the testing of recycled packaging materials with consumers.