Food Initiative

Sufficient, safe, healthy, sustainable and climate resilient food for 10 billion with a zero environmental footprint in 2050

This is the mission of the Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI), an innovation community in which we look for new approaches to answer some of the big challenges that we face in the production of food: due to the changes in demographics, in the climate, in the way we use our resources and in the way that our cultures change, we need to explore new ways of producing sufficient, high quality food for a growing global population, whilst protecting food production ecosystems.

We need to start changing now in order to be able to meet future demands for sustainable healthy and safe food for 10 billion people in 2050. That’s why the Sustainable Food Initiative brings together all the partners necessary to transform the way we prepare ingredients and process foods.

The Sustainable Food Initiative combines fundamental research with fast innovation by creating a community of industrials, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, experts and consumers. Together we want to find better solutions for reducing footprint, circulating food production, reducing waste in the chain and at the consumer and supporting consumers in making a healthy and sustainable choices.