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sustainable and healthy food for the entire world

Companies, institutes, governments and consumers are searching together for new approaches for a sustainable food production with the least possible burden on our planet. 

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a community that combines research with fast innovation and valorisation to find solutions to produce sustainable food, to reduce the ecological footprint, to reduce waste, and to help consumers to make the better choice.

Sufficient safe, healthy, affordable and sustainable food for everyone 

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Ondernemen met reststromen

Event1 November 2022

Ondernemen met reststromen

Our mission

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a community that wants to create a sustainable world by combining the forces of companies, knowledge institutions, governments and society. 

Our mission

Research to meet future demands

The Sustainable Food Initiative is doing research to meet future demands of foods. This research is done in projects with several SFI partners and external parties.



The Sustainable Food Initiative believes in a joint approach to transform the way we prepare ingredients and process foods. By working in FieldLabs we can get fast and thorough insights.