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About SFI

The Sustainable Food Initiative foundation is a COMMUNITY bringing together industry, academia, research organizations, field labs, living labs and governments to achieve it's mission of zero footprint and zero hunger in 2050.  


What is SFI?

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a network organization that wants to make necessary change by combining the forces of companies, knowledge institutions, governments and society. 

The SFI is a circle in the sand, where partners share data, facilities and information, align their goals, and keep each other sharp in thinking from the common goal and not from the institutions (means). 

Why SFI?

We combine fundamental research with fast innovation with our community of industrials, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, experts and consumers. Together we want to find better solutions to reduce the world's footprint, reduce waste of agricultural materials, ensure circulair packaging and help consumer to make the better choice in food. 


Who is SFI?

The partners of SFI form a stakeholder group that meets twice per year during at the Partner meetings to give direction on the research themes and the projects that should be undertaken together under the flag of SFI.  

Partners who are involved with Research & Development come together two times per year at the Community meetings to report back to each other on projects and other subjects, to discuss idea’s and potential calls. 


Furthermore, the Sustainable Food Initiative organizes Inspirational meetings that are open for everyone interested in the subjects. These meetings will be announced on here on the website.  

SFI is daily run by the Operational Team and the Board

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