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Operational Team

The Operational Team is responsible for the daily activities of the Sustainable Food Initiative. 

Ivo Ploegsma

Ivo PloegsmaLinkedin

Liaison Officer Fieldlabs

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''More than ever, providing safe and healthy and affordable food for everyone takes a central place now. The SFI was set up to take its role and responsibility here. A joint approach within the Agro-Food sector, a community that develops new ways of collaborating in order to achieve sustainable results faster. I am proud to be part of this initiative, that I can contribute  and I do so with passion and drive.''

Réne Kwant

Réne KwantLinkedin

Liaison Officer Livinglabs

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''We must produce food differently, better and greener, with a disruptive change in the whole food chain. Therefore, ‘We’ is the Key! We need SFI as a consortium of the 'coalition of the willing' to realize this and to contribute to a better and sustainable world. SFI is the platform to find joint solutions for a "healthy planet diet!”.  SFI is the example to collaborate on R&D both applied and fundamental, to innovate in the Field Labs, and to experiment in Living Labs.  If we cannot accomplish this in the Netherlands, who else can?''

Denise van EekerenLinkedin

Office support & Communication

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Dirkjan Stevens

Dirkjan StevensLinkedin

Director SFI

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''The logic of the need for sustainable food production is slowly starting to sink in with everybody. The big question however is, how to factually make the change towards sustainable food production. I like to contribute to an organization that focusses on developing knowledge and applying this knowledge in production environments. SFI does so in an unique way by combining R&D with FieldLabs and LivingLabs.''

Remko Boom

Remko BoomLinkedin

Liaison Officer R&D

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''My firm belief is that we must work together and join forces, if we want to make things happen. If we do, then we can do the seemingly impossible. With the SFI, we together invent new principles for processing of foods, that allow us to make the overall chain efficiency produce much better. And at the same time, we can contribute to a tastier and healthier diet. The SFI gives us the vision, the drive, and the platform to achieve this. I’m proud and happy to be part of this great ecosystem!''

Petra Vossenberg

Petra VossenbergLinkedin

Liaison Officer R&D - Fieldlabs

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''At the SFI I feel an eagerness for sustainable collaboration and adding value to the world we live in. The way of working within the SFI, i.e., the three collaborative environments of R&D, Fieldlabs and Livinglabs, is unique and has a lot of potential. I am happy to be one of the drivers to take this forward.''