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Meeting Report31-05-2021

Food Industry 4.0 - Inspirational session

Food Industry 4.0 - Inspirational sessionTwice a year the SFI organizes an Inspirational Session, i.e. webinar. Every session has a different theme in the field of sustainable food production, we invite speakers who will share their latest innovations and interact with the audience. The sessions are meant to give tools to the food industry to produce sustainable, inspire scientists and students to develop sustainable food technology and convince everyone else to make the better choice. The session are transparent and open for everyone to join who is interested in sustainable food.  Read more

Meeting Report28-04-2021

Community update meeting 14 April ‘21

Community update meeting 14 April ‘21Twice per year we have a meeting with the SFI community were partners give an update on running projects, discuss progress, new projects and calls.  Read more


Recover valuable substances with ReCoVR

Recover valuable substances with ReCoVRReCoVR will design and develop novel functional materials and technologies to selectively recover high-value molecules. These materials and technologies will be employed in the design of state-of-the-art precision separation processes based on ab- and adsorbers, membranes and affinity fluid separation technologies. Read more

Partner Story25-03-2021

Leading the way in sustainable plant-based innovations

Leading the way in sustainable plant-based innovations“Our ambition is to be a leader in sustainable plant-based innovations. We are cooperating with other parties outside of Cosun to do so. We believe that SFI is a valuable platform to enhance this even further.” According to Frank van Noord and Paulus Kosters, respectively VP Cosun Innovation and Sr. Program Manager Protein at Cosun Innovation.  Read more

Livinglab update22-03-2021

Project Living Lab

Project Living LabIn March 2019, the position paper 'SFI Living Lab' have been discussed with various SFI partners and a project have been set up to further develop the SFI Living Lab. Read more

Fieldlab update22-03-2021

Fieldlab Total Use No Waste is expanding

Fieldlab Total Use No Waste is expandingSFI Fieldlab Total Use No Waste added new technologies and is expanding with a new building.  Read more

Project Progress22-03-2021

Protein Compass

Protein CompassProject Protein Compass - a systematic overview of the characteristics of plant-based protein ingredients to support more effective and faster decision-making in the development of sustainable food products Read more

Meeting Report21-01-2021

Webinar: Marktkansen voor gezonde inhoudsstoffen in voeding

Webinar: Marktkansen voor gezonde inhoudsstoffen in voedingThe second Fieldlab webinar took place on Thursday 21st of January and was organized by Fieldlab Food, Health and Ingredients together with Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo and Topsector Agri&Food with the theme 'Opportunities in the market of healthy ingredients'. Read more