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Meeting Report19-11-2021

SFI Inspirational Session ‘Inclusive Food Transition’

SFI Inspirational Session ‘Inclusive Food Transition’On the 11th of November 2021, the SFI hosted an inspirational session on the topic of an Inclusive Food Transition. Three speakers of Future Food, Utrecht University, shared their visions within this context. Future Food Utrecht offers a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary research and education for the discovery and implementation of new food-concepts for a growing world population. The session was hosted by Remko Boom (Food Process Engineering, WUR). Read more

Meeting Report16-11-2021

Community update meeting 23 September 2021

Community update meeting 23 September 2021Twice per year we have a meeting with the SFI community in which partners give an update on running projects, discuss progress, new projects and calls. Read more


Submitted project proposals supported by SFI

Submitted project proposals supported by SFI Read more


Meer vrijheid in eiwit-keuze bij productontwikkeling

Meer vrijheid in eiwit-keuze bij productontwikkelingProducten met planteneiwitten nemen toe in populariteit. Het stelt productontwikkelaars voor veel vragen: welk eiwit kies je voor welke toepassing? Wetenschappers ontwikkelen reproduceerbare methodes die snel inzicht geven in de functionaliteiten van een breed palet aan plantaardige eiwitten.  Read more

Partner Story16-07-2021

Bringing the sustainable food system to a higher TRL level

Bringing the sustainable food system to a higher TRL levelMany different parties ensembles SFI. Connections are created between industry, SMEs, start-ups, universities, teams of students and researchers. Every partner has their own strong drive and passion to participate in the SFI. In the series Partner Story we will ask SFI partners about this passion and about their vision and participation in the SFI. Now the story of Royal Avebe.  Read more

Fieldlab update14-07-2021

Fruits and vegetables as food or medicine?

Fruits and vegetables as food or medicine?Within the SFI Fieldlab Food, Health and Ingredients new insights regarding the health value of fruits and vegetables are being created. Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you. But what is exactly the effect of fruits and vegetables on our health?  Read more


Cellular agriculture - Initiatives

Cellular agriculture - InitiativesWe are happy to share that since the SFI inspirational meeting last year November on cellular agriculture, different initiatives are taking shape. Read more

Project Progress14-07-2021

Internet of Food

Internet of FoodThe project Internet of Food supports the Sustainable Food Initiative by developing a digital infrastructure to share data and models from different organizations more easily as well as investigating next generation sensing systems to support a more sustainable production process.  Read more