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Community update meeting 14 April ‘21

Meeting Report28-04-2021

Twice per year we have a meeting with the SFI community were partners give an update on running projects, discuss progress, new projects and calls.

We are looking back at an insightful SFI Community Update online meeting on April 14th 2021 with presentations of running SFI projects, projects that just kicked off and new project ideas.

We are working on a new idea for TKI 2021: 'Design parameters for ​new protein sources'  and have submitted two NWO key Technology pre-proposals: 'Protein Transition 2.0' and 'Electrically Driven Nonthermal Dewatering of Biomass' (in collaboration with ISPT).

Further more, we just started a new project 'ReCoVR: Recovery and Circularity of Valuable Resources'. The aim of this project is to develop energy-efficient electricallly-switchable precision processes. More information about this project can be found here. 

We would like to thank all SFI partners for contributing and participating at this SFI Community update meeting and we are looking forward to see everyone again at the next Comminity meeting in September.