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Community update meeting 23 September 2021

Meeting Report16-11-2021

Twice per year we have a meeting with the SFI community in which partners give an update on running projects, discuss progress, new projects and calls.

The community update meeting of the 23rd of September was kicked off with an update on Switch to Sustainable Food Systems (S2SFS), followed by the plans to update the R&D agenda of the SFI together with the SFI community.  
GEA presented themselves as new partner of the SFI. Their ambition is to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040!
In September and beginning October several project proposals have been submitted to NWO Key Technologies, TKI Agri-Food and Horizon Europe, in the field of Electrically driven dewatering and drying, Cellular agriculture, Novel protein sources, Food side-stream valorisation and Gas-fermentation towards microbial biomass. It's very inspiring to see the development potential in the different fields as well as the proposed consortia. We hope to share on the kick-off of these projects in the next community update meeting.  
The project 'Selection, stabilisation, and processing of food side streams to food applications' started this year. To investigate the valorisation options of side streams, the procestimator tool comes in good use to make a first selection of process options that will be economically feasible and lead to a desired product. 
The Fieldlab Food, Health and Ingredients is carried out by Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo (BCGV). One of the topics Birgit Teunissen shared in her presentation was the research lines of Maastricht University and the HAS University of Applied Sciences at BCGV. Their focus is on investigating and optimizing the effects of food innovations on human health, nutrition and food law, and developing methods for measuring nutritional value of fresh produce, supported a.o. by the TNO In Vitro Models (TIMs) that can be used to study the functionality of food & feed components in the GI tract of humans and animals.