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Fieldlab Total Use No Waste is expanding

Fieldlab update22-03-2021

SFI Fieldlab Total Use No Waste added new technologies and is expanding with a new building.

SFI Fieldlab Total Use No Waste is carried out by Food Tech Brainport. They are an eco-system to explore next generation food processing technologies. Food Tech Brainport connects leading food processing companies with technology providers, and research institutes to create sustainable food solutions and powerful partnerships. Fieldlab Total Use No Waste makes use of their network, partnerships and facilities.

In 2020 they have added several new technologies to their menu like Pulse Electric Field (PEF) and Radio Magnetic Freezing (RMF). PEF is used as preservation technology and to extract constituent ingredients during a pre-process step. RMF is a freezing technology that can reduce energy with 20% and preserves products longer and better by forming smaller ice crystals that keeps cells intact.

In 2021 Food Tech Brainport will expand their facilities with 2500 m2 full of possibilities and opportunities. In this new building foods (juices, meats, fish, etc.) will be preserved under high pressure and food processors will be helped to formulate and package products in such a way the products can be kept longer without loss of taste, smell and nutrients.