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Project Living Lab

Livinglab update22-03-2021

In March 2019, the position paper 'SFI Living Lab' have been discussed with various SFI partners and a project have been set up to further develop the SFI Living Lab.

SFI Living Lab

A SFI Living Lab is a real-life environment on a relevant scale (neighbourhood, city) that serves as a practical testing ground for healthy food, healthy choice, reduction of waste, smart and sustainable logistics, and for creating a more sustainable living. Technologies, products, etc. developed in the SFI Fieldlabs can be tested in the Living Lab. 

Living Lab

Living Lab Project and interviews

As agreed during the SFI Stakeholder Meeting summer 2020, we will further develop the SFI Living Lab concept. Therefore, SFI has started a Living Lab Project at Utrecht University (UU) to define what a SFI Living Lab should look like by interviewing SFI partners, as well as other stakeholders. 

Living Lab Project Team (UU)

The project team consists of supervisor Dr. Jesus Rosales Carreon together with Claudia Stuckrath Alvarado (junior researcher) and Thijs Gieben (master student). The Living Lab project started in November 2020 and will be finished during summer 2021. The team will report the results in a SFI Stakeholders Meeting with a policy paper to take decions on the SFI Living Lab. 


Jesus Rosales Carreón received his PhD at Groningen University in the field of Knowledge Management in Sustainable Agriculture. His expertise is understanding the environmental and social implications associated to the implementation of the concept of circular economy



Claudia Stuckrath will be leading the execution of the Living Labs Best Practices Report. Over the past 10 years, she has been leading, managing and implementing different research and innovation projects in the fields of education, food and engineering.



Thijs Gieben is MSc student ”Sustainable Business and Innovation”. In work and studies over the past 6 years he has gained experience with multiple aspects of (food) sustainability. His work on the SFI Living Labs will form his master’s thesis at the UU.



We are happy to come in contact with you when you would like to have more information about the SFI Livinglab