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Recover valuable substances with ReCoVRWITH RECOVR


ReCoVR will design and develop novel functional materials and technologies to selectively recover high-value molecules. These materials and technologies will be employed in the design of state-of-the-art precision separation processes based on ab- and adsorbers, membranes and affinity fluid separation technologies.

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a associated partner of the ReCoVR project. SFI want to contribute to a circular economy in wich all raw materials are reusable. 

In the ReCoVR project, researchers develop new materials and coatings for electrically powered separation technologies that are more energy efficient, cleaner and more specific than current separation methods.

The focus lies on five application areas:

  • Water purification
  • Isolating flavorings
  • Recycling chemicals
  • Recovering foods such as sugar and salt
  • Purifying proteins that are used, among other things, in the production of meat substitutes and high-protein dairy

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