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Running SFI proposals


Selection stabilisation and processing of food side stream to food applications – TKI project proposal

At the beginning of 2021 WFBR together with Food Tech Brainport kickstarted an innovative PPP combining knowledge development with valorization activities. The partnership brings the total use vision into practice by develop an integrated approach of high-valued applications of plant-based side and waste streams in food applications. The current consortium exists of side- and waste streams companies and technology partners. It includes Van Rijsingen Ingredients, PeelPioneers, Evers Specials, ELAE, FTNON/JBT Technologies and the Sustainable Food Initiative. We call for new (SME) partners to extend and complement the current consortium.

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Design parameters for new protein sources – TKI project proposal

This project aims to develop design parameters and guidelines for (new) plant-based protein sources to allow successful application of high-protein plant-based products, mimicking cheeses and cold-cuts.

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Electrically Driven Nonthermal Dewatering of Biomass - NWO Key Technologies project proposal

The proposal is based on concepts that already exist but are still relatively new in food and biomass dewatering. Our current way of dewatering is generally based on evaporating water. This is inherently energy consuming, because of the high enthalpy of evaporation of water. Freeze concentration and drying have similar drawbacks due to the high enthalpy of freezing, while techniques like RO and FO have other issues.
It is however possible to ‘draw’ water from a matrix, using an electric field. This can be surprisingly efficient since this does not require the water to be either evaporated or frozen. Therefore, major energy savings have been reported. This can be done with relatively diluted systems, with much more concentrated pastes, and can even be done for final drying.
The proposal involves all four technical universities of The Netherlands: the universities of Wageningen, Delft, Eindhoven and Groningen.

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