Field Lab
Smart Food Processing

Experience hands-on the possibilities of automation with Cobots, Robots and other digital technologies.

The world is changing, and so are the demands on food. We want to feed more people and use our planet’s resources more sparingly. This requires smart technologies that are more sustainable and affordable to optimally processing all the raw materials from products into healthier, more natural food.

The Field Lab Smart Food Processing is located at Food Tech Brainport in Helmond (The Netherlands). The aim of this field lab is to inform food processing companies in North West Europe and bring them together with technology providers of flexible automation (robotization and cobotization). Another goal is to show food processing companies what is possible, but also what is not possible with cobots (robots that can work with humans) and other digital automation. The field lab has various setups with Cobots, Robots and other digital automations. Specifically focused on food and the total use of raw material, in an actual food production area.

This field lab supports entrepreneurs with training, courses, business and implementation plans if they are considering implementing cobots or other digital automation in their company.

The field lab at Food Tech Brainport offers facilities and access to knowledge, funds, and networks in technology and food. They help to create healthier, circular nutrition in the technology areas of:

  • Mild separation
  • Mild preservation
  • Utilization of all raw materials from the products
  • Robotics, high-tech and sensoring

Whether you’re a start-up, SME, or multinational: you can contact the field lab to test and produce innovative products and applications and get them on the market quicker. Food Tech Brainport support your entire process, from product development right through to production.

More information: Food Tech Brainport