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Circular Plastics


Plastic is a versatile material with many advantages. At the same time, plastic waste  cause grave problems when it ends up in our land, rivers and oceans. Therefore, we must radically change the way we produce, use and manage plastics to keep the benefits and lose the problems.

This is a huge challenge: it is fair to say that most of today’s plastic packaging is not designed for recycling. The same holds for current disposal and waste management systems.

The rationale of the Field Lab Circular Plastics is of a small and dedicated group of frontrunners that help the system changes needed. The field lab will provide small but impactful solutions for difficult packaging recycling challenges and in doing so direct and inform the transition of the system as a whole.

What we do

The Field Lab Circular Packaging brings together both the parties that produce and use plastics for  packaging and  the parties that collect, separate, sort and recycle plastic packaging from waste. The field lab works with use cases. A use case is an actual packaging recycling challenge. For every use case the field lab brings together all parties needed to close the cycle. The field lab follows a structured approach. After a first intake, selected use cases are taken through a set of three workshops leading to an action plan for the steps to be taken after the workshops. The field lab works out a three-step approach:

  1. Work is started to achieve short term solutions and/or further identify issues to be solved
  2. Further optimisations are achieved to improve costs and footprint (usually completed in 1-2 years)
  3. After circa 5 years, the optimum solution is achieved


The field lab closely collaborates with the KIDV (Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken) that provides the packaging industry with advice on design for recycling and the NTCP (Nationaal Testcentrum voor Circulaire Plastics). The field lab is specifically set up to develop integrated solutions taking all steps of the plastic cycle into account and putting these solutions into practice. The aim of the field lab is to become the ‘go-to’ place for all challenges related to plastic packaging materials.

For whom

The Field Lab Circular Plastics is set up for companies that really want to be at the forefront of solving the plastic packaging problem.

  • Parties that generate plastic packaging (retailers, brand owners and converters)
    • Helping them to fully understand the challenge based on a 360 degree feedback
    • Teaming them up with up with the right partners
    • Helping them to create packaging that is actually recycled
    • Helping them to set up re-use systems (i.e. for buckets, kegs)
  • Parties from the waste processing industry (collectors, sorters, recyclers)
    • Helping them to take better informed decisions on investments.
    • Creating new business opportunities
    • Helping them improve margins
  • Other parties (e.g. technology companies, government et cetera) that are interested or may contribute to circular solutions for plastic packaging

Join us

  • Would you like to submit a use-case?
  • Do you offer solutions for circular packaging formats?
  • Are you interested and want to stay in touch?

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