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Collaboration is Key

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a community of partners consisting of AgriFood sector related companies, knowledge institutions and governments. All working together with only one goal: global food production to be climate neutral.  

The community is organised in three interconnected pillars suited to the different types of partners and activities:

  • Research to initiate new product and process development
  • Fieldlabs for valorisation and go-to-market support
  • Livinglab for consumer involvement and feedback

These three environments work together to accelerate innovation and transitions towards the best possible results. SFI is the initiating and facilitating community where the partners collaborate, can share data, facilities and information and is a playing field where they can work together in achieving our mission.  

Provincie Gelderland

Provincie Gelderland is the largest province in the Netherlands and has the ambition to be 100% climate neutral in 2030. The provinces are responsible for the regional environment.  

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Provincie Noord-Brabant

In the province Noord-Brabant the light is always shining and belongs in the top of knowledge- and innovation regions. The provinces are responsible for the regional environment.

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Provincie Zuid-Holland

In the province Zuid-Holland remains the capital of the Netherlands and they strive for a better welfare. The provinces are responsible for the regional environment.

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