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Valorization of plant-based side and waste streams

In this project the partners work on an integrated approach for high-valued applications of plant-based side and waste streams in food applications. The valorization vision is based on total use and on the combination of side and waste streams, quality of possible ingredients and products, technology and business cases. For technology the emphasis is on flexibility, scale of application, stabilization and good product functionalities. 

Unique combination of knowledge and technology
This Public-Private Partnership project is unique in combining knowledge and technology valorization by combing research at Wageningen Research to identify valorization options and to determine effects of mild technologies on properties of end products with applied pilot scale tests at Food Tech Brainport. In combination with analyses of the sustainability of possible valorizations this approach aims to result in feasible solutions for food loss and waste as part of sustainable food production.

To investigate the valorization options of side streams, the procestimator tool comes in good use to make a first selection of process options that will be economically feasible and lead to a desired product.