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Protein Transition 2.0

In this project, a multidisciplinary team will explore the potential of cellular (milk) proteins. 

The protein material will be provided by start-up companies involved in producing A) tissue engineered milk, B) precision fermentation derived milk proteins and C) single cell proteins (biomass). For application impact, the bottlenecks that currently hinder affordable large-scale production will be explored: protein quality, mild downstream processing, scalability, and application, EU legislation, and safety. From a scientific perspective, the structure-function relationships of milk proteoforms will be deciphered, expanding the understanding of how nature combines proteins.

In the short-term, the project will develop technologies and knowledge to translate the novel proteins into food prototypes. In this way, the potential of these proteins for any (food) product in the long-term will be illustrated, and evidence on the resource efficiency, sustainability potential, and safety of different fermentation approaches will be provided.

The consortium involves start-up companies, different universities with complementary expertise ranging from understanding the functionality of the proteins produced to the legal implications of this new field, as well as larger companies. 

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Image by: Julia Keppler