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Recovery and Circularity of valuable resources

Design novel functional materials and technologies to selectively recover high-value molecules. These key electrified separation technologies are applicable to many industrial processes.


Resources and raw materials will become increasingly sparse due to the growing world population. Therefore, we need to transition to a circular economy in which all resources are reusable by 2050. Development of novel sustainable technologies that can recover valuable resources from waste streams is essential to enabling this transition.

The goals is to have a ciruclar economy in the Netherlands by 2050 by reusing all resources, reduce C02 by 95% all supported by reduced energy. 


Design, development and employment

ReCoVR will design and develop novel functional materials and technologies to selectively recover high-value molecules. We will employ these materials and technologies in the design of state-of-the-art precision separation processes based on ab- and adsorbers, membranes and affinity fluid separation technologies.

These technologies will be key in making numerous industrial processes more efficient, sustainable and circular. In this way, the Netherlands will be leading in the worldwide transition to a circular society.

The project will work on 5 urgent targets. Each target will be hit by one of the project partners. 

  1. Proteins
  2. Clean water
  3. Sugar, salts and carboxylic acids
  4. Carbon monoxide
  5. Flavor molecules

This project has an important societal relevance as it will reduces protein loss, reduce contamination of water and reduce carbon emissions. 

Dynamic team

Experts from universities collaborate with process demonstrators and SMEs that will translate the separation technologies to the needs of end-users from the chemical and food industry. Furthermore, the team is complemented by government representatives and network organizations that will ensure outreach, knowledge transfer and implementation beyond the users involved directly. With this unique team, ReCoVR will make multiple production processes more sustainable and, thereby, empower the transition to a sustainable, circular society.