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Sustainable Plant Fractionation

Extracting raw material from crops uses a lot of energy and chemicals. By doing this with a mild process by dry and wet fractionation, emissions can by reduced with up to 80% and the nutrition value of ingredients will be kept. Food will be healthier and will keep more fibre and micro nutrients. Moreover, the functionality of these ingredients may be different from those produced with the traditional process. 


This project will, for the first time, take a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to gentle processing by combining the expertise of different disciplines. A menu will be created that consist of processing methods for a range of plant-based ingredients with different applications. 

The project will be mostly carried out by Wageningen University, such as dry separations and research. Wet separation will mostly be done by NIZO.  


The projects aims at reducing GHG remissions and land use by improving the total use of crops into valuable food products. This will be reached by searching a mild food process which will cost less energy and also let the ingredients keep a better nutritional value. 

The project will develop sustainable fractionation processes for:​

  • Dry fractionation of barley and corn for beer making​
  • Hybrid fractionation of pulses for the production of protein concentrates and isolates​
  • Gentle wet potato fractionation to ensure maximum quality of potato proteins

This project is funded by TKI and will start in Q1 2021