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Circular Plastics - What we offer

What is the Field Lab Circular Plastics?

The Field Lab Circular Plastics offers an open and neutral working environment as a collaboration place to make plastic packaging formats circular. If you need help in finding solutions to make your plastic packagingg circular and actually recycled, the Field Lab Circular Plastics is the place to be!

The field lab focuses on use cases: a structured approach in which all relevant parties take a close look at your plastic packaging format. This results in an analysis of the level of circularity/sustainability of your solution as well as in a set of improvement options. 

All actors in the chain of generating, using, collecting and recycling of the material take part in developing the best solution for your packaging format. We use the joint knowledge and infrastructure of the partners of this field lab. The joint infrastructure offers a unique facility to test the solutions in real life situations, learn from these tests and use this knowledge to further work on the solutions.


Do you want to make your plastic packaging format (a shampoo flacon, a herbal sachet, shrink wraps et cetera) circular? Submit your case with us!

We offer a process where the joint knowledge and infrastructure of all parties in the life cycle of packages is available for your case. We will give answer to the following 3 questions:

  • What happens in practice with your packaging format?
  • What solutions to come to a circular packaging format already exist? And where in the cycle can we find them?
  • How can solutions be developed to robustness via tests, pilots et cetera?

As the field lab is in a start-up phase, we expect to be able to extend this offer, based on your questions and needs.

Use case proces

What can be expected when submitting a use case? What are the costs?

Example use cases

In 2019 we did the first series of use cases. Please find two examples of the results below.

Use case 1

  • Submitted by: Unilever
  • Use case: B2B buckets for sauces and herbs
  • Key question: how to get our buckets back?
  • Quote: “Field lab was a major enabler for our Recycling Challenge, creating a comprehensive network of key partners that, together, can truly build a circular economy” 

Use case 2

  • Submitted by: Ahold / Albert Heijn
  • Use case: PET trays for fresh foods (salads, fruit, et cetera)
  • Key question: how to improve actual recycling rates?
  • Quote: “The good thing about the field lab is that all parties in the chain sit around the table. This ensures that we quickly get insight in the real bottlenecks in every step in the process. We avoid noise in the communication and false assumptions and so we can make quick steps towards circularity”